I've been a heavy daydreamer since I can remember ... hence the name. It describes me perfectly -- quiet, spacey, in deep thought ... creating from within.
I dive deep into my mind, envisioning different worlds, realities, and scenarios. As a result, my art is bold, colorful, sometimes weird, but always me. It's my interpretation of the world we live in and the things I'd like to see more of. It is my childhood imagination evolved. It is all of my emotions, opinions, influences, and experiences balled into one.
Of course, I'm affected by the outside world as well. I'm inspired by the black experience, authenticity, science fiction, abstraction, hip-hop, and much more. I enjoy seeing myself and others like me in my work. I like to play along the lines of reality and the dream realm, where anything is possible. My art is both familiar and never before seen.